Artist spotlight: Yuhki Kuramoto

Whilst living in Japan, I came across Yuhki Kuramoto by accident. I heard his music from a Korean friend and liked the emotion of the piece. Naturally, I found out who it was and have been a fan since.

Yuhki Kuramoto pianoPop is overwhelmingly the most popular music in Japan, but there is also a love for classical music. So much so, Tokyo boast 17 music halls that play classical music each day of the year. In other words, while not know as much as AKB48, he’s fairly well known. In Korea he may be even more well known, since he wrote the music for several popular TV dramas.

 Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

He’s produced some fantastic classical style music, packed with emotion. His music is sentimental, but organized and does not leave those listening with gaps. That is, I find something interesting and thoughtful happening in his music. It’s not a big opening and ending with Yuhki Kuramoto. Here, give him a listen and see if you agree:

Yes, a whole 8 hours! Please leave a comment, as I’d love to hear what you think.

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