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Benjamin Junk–Historian from the amazing University of Nottingham, taught English as a Second Language many years in Amagasaki and Kobe, Japan. He took much time endeavouring to fight his way through the many internal wars and even wrote a published paper which examined the European and Japanese responses to the Mongolian invasions titled simply “Kinghts, Samurai”. After much research, he now wears a very heavy hat and adds a nice musky 007 cologne just in case he’d lose a duel. Can’t be smelling bad, even in death. Honor still trumps all.

He very much enjoys many Japan’s classics: Yuhki Kuramoto, Miyazaki Hiyo,  Ichiro Suzuki, Soseki Natsume, Netsuke, Mitsumune, Mori-chan and many others (more on each of these will be coming). He loves hiking the many mountains, dotted with temples and shrines. Cherry blossom drinking, Green tea, rice crackers, shabu shabu, yaki niku, okonomiyaki highlight many of the tasty foods he likes.

He’s currently working on a book titled “Retire like a Samurai”. It looks to Japanese practices that will help North American and European retirees have a healthier, more enriched retirement.  He married a kindly lady from Kobe and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Otaku Gaijin blogger Benjamin Junk

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